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1. What sort of paddleboarding lessons do you offer?

We offer a range of lesson formats to suit your individual needs from 1:1 & 1:2 private lessons to small group paddleboarding lessons in either convenient 1hr ‘bite-size’ sessions or 2hr course format.

All of our lessons take place on the River Thames in Oxfordshire which provides a realistic yet gentle experience for first time paddlers.

During the colder weather, we also offer indoor paddleboaring lessons via our paddle pool clinics across Oxfordshire.

2. Where are the lessons?

Our outdoor paddleboarding lessons are conducted on The River Thames from our stunning, riverside ‘home’ in Oxfordshire situated at The Rose Revived pub, Newbridge, Oxfordshire. OX29 7QD

We also offer indoor paddleboaring clinics at number of pools across Oxfordshire including Didcot, Carterton, Chipping Norton & Thame.

3. Where do we meet?

For our outdoor paddleboarding lessons we meet riverside in the pub garden of The Rose Revived, Newbridge. If you park in the pub’s overflow car park you can easily walk down the track to the riverside. You will see the SUP Van parked there. The car park is free and you can leave your keys/belongings in our locked, secure van.

4. What should I wear?

When paddleboarding it’s best to wear clothing that will not get too heavy when wet, so gym/leggings/shorts and t-shirt will best although we do have wetsuits available for you as well if you prefer.

5. What do I need to bring?

A change of clothes, hat, towel, water, dryrobe and footwear to wear walking down to riverside. We will go ‘barefoot’ paddling. Please also ensure that you have sunscreen protection.

6. Do I need to wear a buoyancy aid?

Yes, buoyancy aids will be provided for you to wear throughout the duration of your lesson. Your safety is our #1 priority. You’re welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

7. Is all equipment supplied?

Yes, all paddleboarding equipment is provided but you’re welcome to bring your own board/BA/wetsuit if you prefer.

8. Can I take my phone/camera out on the water with me?

Sorry but you’ll be too occupied to take photos! But don’t worry we take photos and videos of you during your paddle boarding lesson and send them via WhatsApp at the end of the day. Some of these pictures may be used for marketing purposes unless you ask us not to.

9. Do I need to be fit?

Simple answer – No! but you must be happy going from a kneeling position to standing (try practicing this at home beforehand!). All our paddle boarding lessons are done at your own pace so if you experience any difficulty or discomfort, we’re right by your side offering tips and encouragement. It’s perfectly OK for you to stay kneeling or sitting for the duration of your lesson but we can assure you that in no time at all, you’ll be on your feet paddling away!

10. Is paddleboarding hard?

Not at all! Once you’ve mastered our proven technique you’ll find that it’s relatively easy. The more you paddle, the easier it gets!

11. Will I get wet?

Yes – sorry! Paddleboarding is a watersport so there is a high chance you’ll get wet! In every lesson we go through self-rescue techniques, but don’t worry - it’s simply a case of getting your ‘lower half’ in the water (but do feel free to go for a swim!)

12. I’ve tried paddleboarding before but my legs wouldn’t stop shaking?

Don’t worry, that’s a natural reaction! It’ simply adrenaline coursing through your body and in a very short amount of time, it will go away! We give you hints and tips along the way to ease any discomfort or worry.

14. Can I hire a board?

Our SUP Hire Service is only available to those that have undertaken a minimum of 1hr taster lesson with us & is only available as pre-booking via our website. Sorry but no Under 18s allowed on our hire boards.

15. How can I join one of your Experiences?

All our experiences are open to Adults 18+ only with previous paddleboarding experience. You must be able to self rescue & comfortable standing paddleboarding for a length of time.

16. Can I bring/use my own board to lessons/experiences?

Yes, of course you’re welcome to bring your own board. We actively encourage those who’ve recently purchased a new board to use it & get familiar! However, we do insist that you purchase a Waterways Licence, from British Canoeing Waterways Licence | Save money and access over 4,500km of waterways ( – and also possess current 3rd party insurance – if you purchase a BC Waterways Licence this will be included. Insurance is also available via BSUPA

17. I have trouble kneeling – can I still paddleboard?

Really sorry, but kneeling is our ‘safety protocol’. We know that kneeling can be uncomfortable so we endeavour to spend as little time as possible on our knees - however we always start the first section of your lesson on knees & you’ll be required throughout your lesson to ‘drop down’ to knees to assist with building confidence and avoidance of hazards. If you arrive for your lesson and declare issues with kneeling, we will unfortunately not be able to proceed and no refund will be issued. Please contact us beforehand if you have any concerns.

18. I’m concerned about water quality on the River Thames

Pollution of our waterways is unfortunately an ongoing issue that is a national concern. Our location on the upper reaches of The Thames means we’re still susceptible to river pollutants especially with the River Windrush tributary passing underneath Newbridge. We’re continually monitor water discharges and disposals & conduct all our beginner lessons upstream away from any potential issues.

19. I have a fear of deep water

Rest assured, the benefit of being on our lovely stretch of the Thames is that there are channels where you can actually stand-up to waist height - most notably in the centre of the river by our teaching location. Additionally riverbanks on either side provide shallow, safe water. This is fantastically reassuring for those who are nervous of deep water.

20. I’m really nervous but really want to learn to paddle!

Please don’t worry – all our private and group lessons are done at your own pace, in lovely simple ‘baby steps’. There is absolutely no pressure to ‘stand-up’, whatever you feel comfortable doing is fine with us. We’re always here for you to talk to beforehand if you wish.

21. Do you offer lessons for children?

Sorry we don’t – all our lessons are for Adults 18+. This is on a number of factors – firstly, we consider it unsafe for children to be on a busy stretch of the river with boats, motorised punts and other river ‘traffic’; secondly, we know it can be unsettling for adults to learn in a mixed age group with younger people; thirdly, we do not carry the appropriate licences to cater for children. From experience, children are able to pick up the rudimentals of paddleboarding without instruction!

Get in touch

If you have any queries or further questions, we’d love to hear from you & we really look forward to seeing you on the water very soon!
Moi & the Team
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