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Paddleboarding Lessons

If you’re looking to learn how to paddleboard or develop your skills in a fun, relaxed Adults Only environment with the widest choice of lesson options, then you’re in the right place!

Learning to paddle may have been on your ‘to-do’ list for a while & you’re determined to make 2024 the year you learn to SUP! Or you may have ‘had a go’ on holiday with no success. Whatever your reason, we know that your paddling ‘journey’ starts well before you attend your lesson and we fully appreciate that it’s probably taken you great courage & motivation to book.

Our private lessons are perfect if you’re uncomfortable learning a new skill in unfamiliar company or similarly you may have had a previous unsettling experience. These 1hr individually tailored lessons give you the opportunity to explore paddleboarding at your own pace & be rest assured there is never any pressure for you to ‘stand up’!

Our group lessons are ideal for all abilities – whether you’re a complete beginner, a relative ‘novice’ or you’re already a competent paddler looking to hone & develop your skills. We offer an unrivalled choice of group paddleboarding lessons here in Oxfordshire from 1hr Taster lessons through to our Advanced BSUPA L2 ‘Ready to Tour’ course. As always, if you’re not sure which lesson format is best for you, do please get in touch.

Private Lessons

We’ve got two options for you, both offering you individual attention with everything done at your own, comfortable pace. We believe in giving you choice & more importantly knowing in advance who your Instructor is! See our About Us page for Team info!

Option 1

Private Lesson with Helen, BC SUP Instructor

This 1hr private lesson is perfect for complete beginners or for those who've previously had an unsettling experience & would like to build their confidence. Your Instructor Helen is a qualified British Canoeing Instructor & brings her years of SUP experience & knowledge to this lesson format. She has the amazing ability to sense how you're feeling and take you as far as you're comfortable with.

Private 1:1 Paddleboarding Lesson
Private 1:2 Paddleboarding Lesson

Option 2

Private Lesson/Advanced Coaching with Moi, BSUPA Advanced Coach

This 1hr private coaching session is perfect for beginners looking for a personal, relaxed lesson or for advanced paddlers who are looking to improve their skills with coaching tips, techniques, analysis and feedback.
Private 1:1 Paddleboarding Lesson
Private 1:2 Paddleboarding Lesson

During your 1hr paddle boarding lesson, you will:

  • Receive safety briefing & introduction
  • Learn about your equipment, how to set your paddle height, how to correctly hold your paddle & where to stand on your board
  • Start by paddling on your knees to get a ‘feel’ for the board and how to effectively manoeuvre
  • Confidently begin stand up paddling
  • Learn basic paddle techniques – paddling in a straight line, stopping, turning, backwards
  • Move onto more advanced paddle techniques and turns when ready & comfortable
  • Receive continuous encouragement, feedback and our ‘Top Tips’

Our Stories

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Private Lesson 1:1

Private Lesson 1:2

Group Lessons

Group Taster Lesson

£35 per person

A fantastic 1hr introduction to paddle boarding for all abilities. From our base on the beautiful River Thames in Oxfordshire, you will:

  • Receive safety briefing & introduction
  • Learn about your equipment, how to set & hold your paddle & your position on the board
  • Start by paddling on your knees to get a ‘feel’ for the board and how to effectively manoeuvre
  • Confidently ‘pop-up’ & start paddling
  • Learn basic paddle techniques – paddling in a straight line, going backwards, turning & more importantly stopping!
  • Receive continuous encouragement, feedback and our ‘Top Tips’

Max class x4. Adults 18+ only.

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Group Booster lesson

£15 per person

A 45 minute ‘skills & confidence booster’ lesson that is suited to those returning to the water after a break & are looking to refresh their skills & confidence or for those who’ve completed a Taster lesson and would like more ‘water time’. For those who have their own board, we encourage you to bring/use it.

  • We’ll review the basics, eg. setting paddle height, correct holding of your paddle, our paddling environment
  • Review correct paddling stroke & turn techniques
  • Analyse and correct posture, balance, feet positioning and placement
  • Give individual feedback, advice & our ‘Top Tips’

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Group BSUPA L1 ‘Ready to Ride’ Course

£60 per person

A comprehensive, 2h paddleboarding lesson ideally suited to both beginners and novice paddlers alike who are keen to gain confidence and broad skills that will allow you to confidently venture out on your own here or abroad! Our BSUPA Level 1 course takes place at our base on a wonderful and picturesque stretch of the River Thames in Oxfordshire. During the course you will:

  • Receive a detailed ‘on land’ briefing giving introduction to equipment & correct set-up, safety measures, paddle positioning and placement and overview of our on-water lesson
  • Receive advice on self-rescue techniques
  • Learn, experience and practice skills, techniques & turns.
  • Gain confidence moving around the board
  • Learn how to analyse weather and environments
  • Receive BSUPA Level 1 ‘Ready to Ride’ certificate.

Max class size x4.  Adults 18+ only

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Group BSUPA L2 ‘Ready to Tour’ Course

£85 per person

*New for 2024, this 5-6hr course aims to give you the knowledge, skills & confidence to embark upon your own SUP Adventures! Applicable for those who’ve either completed a BSUPA L1 ‘Ready to Ride’ (or equivalent) or are already an experienced paddler, the course entails.

  • Morning briefing followed by on-water analysis & development of skills
  • Morning classroom session – addressing equipment, essential environmental & hazard analysis & route planning
  • Lunch, followed by:
  • Afternoon paddle – on river location entailing portage
  • De-briefing and paddle review & feedback

Max class size: x6. Adults 18+ only. Touring boards/equipment provided although use of own board is encouraged.

Useful Things to Know:

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your lesson time.

  • Please arrive ready to paddle. We suggest you wear comfortable sports/leisurewear with swimming attire although wetsuits are also available.
  • Barefoot paddling is best to give you enhanced ‘feel’ and balance – but we suggest that you bring trainers/deck shoes/wet boots along with you to wear to launch points.
  • Please remember to bring a change of clothes, towel & water bottle.
  • If you require the use of prescription glasses/sunglasses, we have sports bands/retainers for you to use.
  • We supply all paddle board equipment and buoyancy aids.
  • Free parking & amenities may vary at some of our locations

What To Expect From Your Lesson

  • Park at the rear ‘overflow’ car park, bring your belongings with you & make your way down the track (at the rear) to the riverside where you will be greeted at the SUP Van (parked in the pub garden area).

  • You’ll be asked to complete & sign a Health Declaration Form. We’ll take note of any important medical concerns and conditions. If you need an inhaler on-water, please advise and we’ll take it with us in a waterproof, sealed bag.

  • You’ll be offered a wetsuit and presented with a buoyancy aid and paddle.

  • You’ll be able to leave your car keys, valuables in the locked van.

  • At the riverside, we’ll conduct our safety briefing and short ‘land-based’ introduction to paddleboarding and what to expect when we’re on the water.

  • We’ll introduce you to setting the correct height of your paddle and how to hold it correctly.

  • You’ll be given the opportunity to ask questions before we launch our boards onto the water.

  • The first 5-10 minutes on the water will see us paddling on our knees, learning how to turn our boards, getting comfortable and getting a little bit wet practicing ‘self-rescue’!

  • We’ll then make our way upriver for the duration of your lesson where we’ll introduce our proven technique for standing-up, in addition to turning, stopping, reversing and enjoying paddling away with confidence!

Get in touch

If you have any queries or further questions, we’d love to hear from you & we really look forward to seeing you on the water very soon!
Moi & the Team
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